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Compulsory Student Services Levy (CSSF)

What is CSSF?

CSSL, also referred to as the Compulsory Student Services Levy, is a fee to help fund key services to assist student success and overall wellbeing while studying at Yoobee Colleges.

This is the first time a CSSL has been adopted to New Zealand School of Tourism, Cut Above Academy and Elite School of Beauty and Spa students.

All colleges registered under the Yoobee Colleges EDUMIS number (9324) will apply the same CSSL and provide the prescribed offering.

How much is it?

In 2023, the compulsory on-campus and blended delivery Student Services Levy for Yoobee Colleges is set at $350 (GST inclusive) per full-time student (80-120 credit programme), and $175 (GST inclusive) per part-time student (up to 60 credits).

The CSSL was set in consultation with students, through meeting with student representatives across our campuses in 2022 and discussing the services provided and the fee charged.

Domestic students have this fee covered under fees-free, or can borrow the amount as part of their student loan.

Why is this important to me?

As part of the Ministry of Education’s direction, institutions are required to report on how fees are charged and spent. Institutions must involve students, or their representatives, when deciding on the following:

  • Maximum amount students pay
  • Types of services delivered
  • Procurement of these services
  • Method for authorising expenditure on these services.


Advocacy and Legal Advice:    

Advocating on behalf of individual students and groups of students and providing independent support to resolve problems. This includes advocacy and legal advice relating to accommodation. 

Careers Information and Guidance:    

Supporting students’ transition into post-study employment. 

Counselling Services:    

Providing non-academic counselling and pastoral care, such as chaplains. 

Employment Information:   

Providing information about employment opportunities for students while they are studying. 

Financial Support and Advice:    

Providing hardship assistance and advice to students on financial issues. 

Health and Wellbeing:    

Providing workshops to students on health and wellbeing topics.  

Childcare Services:    

Supporting students with emergency or special childcare assistance in exceptional circumstances over and above existing government support. (Application process to apply).  

Sports, Recreation and Cultural Services:    

Providing sports, recreation and cultural activities for students.

Area  Annual Revenue ($000)  Annual Cost ($000)
 Learning Support & graduate tracking  373  373
 Counselling  100  100
 Campus events & wellbeing  38  38
 Internships & externships  37.5  37.5
 Student Job Search  1.5  1.5
 Guest speakers  5  5
Totals  555  555
 Surplus/deficit  Nil