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Love the Industry but want something different?

If you’re interested in changing lives, passionate about the Beauty Therapy and Makeup Industry and want to take your career in an exciting new direction – we might be what you’re looking for!

Elite School of Beauty & Spa is a leading training provider for the Beauty & Spa Industries with campuses in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. As a top training provider who are committed to giving students the skills for success, we’re the ideal first step in a career path to this exciting industry. Our reputation is second to none and we’re proud of it! 

Elite staff are taught how to deliver the best learning to students, to prepare them for the industry that we love. Our strong Industry relationships provide our students with unique opportunities, enabling them to launch their career.

We make a positive difference in students’ lives, and with your industry knowledge and experience - you can be part of this too!

The promise we make to our students about their experience with us is that we will Engage, Respect & Nurture them throughout their journey.

We Engage
The magic of seeing the highest level of ENGAGMEMENT – our #1, taking place in every facet of the experience we offer, looks and feels exciting and unique to us.  It is at the very essence of the customer experience we deliver.  

We Respect
We are mindful of the individual, and treating them as the adults that they are, not judging them, upholding their Mana and acting with Respect.  We want them to know through our words and actions that we are on their team.   

We Nurture
We NURTURE and care for them.  We want to make an impact on – their learning, their behaviours, their choices. We want them to be successful. 

In addition to the meaningful rewards of this industry - changing student lives – our staff are also provided with growth and progress opportunities within their roles, reap the benefits of being led by a strong senior leadership team, attend company events and engage in professional development plans and programmes:

•    Annual Staff Conference (held at exciting destinations!)
•    Mid-Year ‘Refuelling’ Event
•    Professional Development Plans
•    Leadership Development Programmes


Thinking about joining our team?

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No current vacancies listed above, or perhaps they're not what you’re looking for?
We still want to hear from you!

We’re always keen to talk to talented industry experts who are ready to share their skills and stories, to inspire the next generation.

Please email your CV and a little bit about your story to

This is what some of our fantastic trainers have to say about their job!

Mishana Campbell - Wellington Campus

I always desired to have a career where I can help to empower other woman.

I started in hairdressing, and realised that it wasn’t the right path for me, so I took a leap of faith and decided to study at Elite School of Beauty & Spa. I was surrounded by trainers who made a positive difference in my life, day-in and day-out, and I could see that I made the right move - I found my passion, and it's beauty therapy! 

Being able to make a positive change to peoples lives is so rewarding; seeing their skin change and lifting their confidence. This led me into wanting to teach and inspire others who were interested in the same path as me.

Everyday I work in a career that I'm truly passionate about and I share my knowledge with our students. This reminds me that I'm definitely in the right place and I made the right career choice. It's exciting to know that I'm helping others with their own self-growth by leading students into the rewarding beauty industry, where they themselves will continue to help and empower other woman - not just in our community, but around the world! 

Hannah Sikking - Hamilton Campus

As a trainer I feel we have small successes everyday. Being able to see our students improve even in just the slightest. Maybe they don’t see these small improvements, but we do.

The best experience I've had yet, is that one of my students had the biggest fear of needles! To the point she could not even touch a needle within a packet. The student persevered no matter how many times she was sick, no matter how many tears she shed... she even wanted to give up and end her Level 5 journey because of this fear.

However, I spent many afternoons encouraging and pushing her through. When it got tough, she would let me know she hated me and I wouldn’t see her tomorrow… but I just smiled and said “Good. We're getting somewhere, I’ll see you tomorrow”.

This student ended up pushing through her fear and is now doing electrolysis like a pro! I'm so proud what she's achieved in these past few weeks, and not letting her give up, but how I was able to help her see her own potential.

Reasons like this is why I love training our students. We make such a positive difference everyday in someone’s life, big or small. We help students towards brighter futures!

“Courage and perseverance - make difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish!”

When you’re part of the Elite family, you get to engage in…

Annual Staff Conference

Every January we take our team away for a very special annual conference for 3 full days jam packed with celebration, fun and learning. This time together allows us to focus on the things that are really important to us and sets us up for the year ahead.

Some of the exciting destinations we have ventured to in the last few years are Queenstown, Hanmer Springs, Samoa & in 2019 we were treated to the stunning Intercontinental in beautiful Fiji, the second time in 3 years.  

Join our team

Refueling Day

In addition to our annual conference, we hold a mid-year event, spending the day sharing (more) learning and celebrating our achievements! Our staff are pivotal to company prosperity, so our mid-winter Refueling day leaves everyone feeling rejuvenated and refocused on the years' remaining goals.

Professional Development

Along with our Annual Conference and mid year “Refuelling” day there are a number of opportunities for your Professional Development.  Our Trainer Team have a Professional Development Plan laid out over a four year period where they initially gain an Adult Teaching Qualification which we run “in-house” followed by an Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education Qualification, both offered for free.  As an Industry expert, we will provide you with the tools you need to inspire the next generation of Industry professionals. As our Trainers journey through their PDP they also increase in salary level to work towards a “Graduate” salary level.  

Choices are also available for all staff to apply for our in-house “Leadership Development Programme” or to complete a Business Management qualification, an Adult Teaching Qualification at Level 6 and other Diploma options.  

Leadership Development Programme

This unique & innovative programme is designed to develop your leadership capability, skills, knowledge, self-awareness and confidence so you can have the opportunity to progress into a leadership role within our organisation.   If you aspire to a leadership role, then this is a life changing programme available for all staff to apply for!

You will meet 6 weekly for 2 – 3 days to journey through the world of leadership for 12 sessions covering key topics such as;

Emotional intelligence
The mental shift of becoming a leader
The art of listening
Effective presentations
Resilience and mental toughness
Behavioural profiling with Myers Briggs and DISC
Human Resource Management
Coaching & Mentoring
Operational Management
Self Assessment
Change Management
Financial Management
Managing Sales effectively
Event Management
Leadership competencies

Our Brand Story

We’re a big thinker, quick thinker, fast mover, first mover; an innovator, hungry, vibrant, vigorous, daring and grounded.  This isn’t a list. It’s who we are and how we do things. We’re not so much a glass half full, but a cup that runneth over, with ideas, energy and goodwill.  Students are our reason for being.  They give as much to us as we give to them. We want to be a power for good and develop students who are totally primed for the job market.  But we can’t do any of this by ourselves.  The roles of parents and schools are vital.  The industry is our ‘other half’. A partnership based on professional respect, mutual alignment and common goals.  The senses are important to us. Common sense, a sense of community, a sense of purpose and a sense of destiny.  We believe that fortune favours the brave.  We believe that fun and formality are different sides of the same coin.  We believe that the best teams have an unbreakable bond. And what does all this mean?  We are the ultimate, educational entrepreneurs.


Elite School of Beauty & Spa is one of the trading names for the registered PTE Yoobee Colleges.