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Mya Scanlan

Beauty & Body Essentials Level 4

How’s life at Ragdale Hall – it looks absolutely beautiful!

Ragdale Hall is a large, well organised spa resort where staff are prioritised & valued, we have many benefits of working here. I am currently living in the staff housing where the spa resort offers a free bus service to and from work, as well as a cafeteria at work where lunch and dinner is sorted, which when working in a complex like this takes a lot of pressure off the job! The spa is considered one of the largest in Europe with the most rooms of all, and each room is decorated differently, which adds to the fun of the guest experience as well as working here as your environment is differently everyday! It is very hard work but so rewarding with the feedback that you get from your guests after each treatment.

What is your favourite things about Beauty Therapy?

My favourite thing about beauty therapy is being able to transform someone's energy to a higher vibration and see the changes that you've made to this person through your treatment. I love how rewarding it feels to be able to heal someone from the inside out like that.

What is your favourite memory from studying at Elite?

My favourite memory from Elite is hard to pinpoint as becoming a therapist has changed me from a caterpillar to a butterfly. My experience at Elite has shaped me into the person I was meant to become. Before I studied beauty therapy, I was lost and insecure however this new trade I've invested in has changed my life- especially doing the diploma. Once we started learning about anatomy and nutrition on a higher level in the level 5 teachings as well as electrolysis and the machine based treatments that we do in the diploma, I really felt invested and that I had found my calling

What advice/recommendations would you give Elite students looking at applying for Ragdale Hall?

Start saving now (the application is not cheap) and get into habits that will benefit you later on such as wearing your hair up neat in a plait, doing yoga or stretches to help protect the muscles in your body, eating a balanced, plant based diet, wearing make-up that suits your professional style everyday, upskill yourself in your personal time by going the extra mile with your study and get a job in the industry while you're still at school as the experience will benefit you later on. If you breathe and encompass the person you aspire to be as a therapist, the easier things will flow to you and manifest into real time!