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Wrap-around support helps graduate reach her full potential

Level 5 New Zealand Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Recent Elite School of Beauty and Spa graduate Tayla Ericksen is attributing her career success to the wrap-around support she received at the Hamilton campus.

Tayla has just finished her Level 5 New Zealand Diploma in Beauty Therapy and is thriving as a Beauty Therapist at Hamilton’s Waters on Victoria Day Spa specialising as a nail technician.

She says Elite ensured she was prepared to take on the busy world of beauty therapy.

“Elite helped majorly with checking in on how we were progressing with our work and making sure we were up to date.

“We had practical lessons where we would practice taking clients at reception, welcoming clients and bringing them into the treatment room, and how to act when working with a client.”

Trainers were also able to help Tayla perfect her learning style to reach her full potential.

“I used to be the type of person who would push assignments to the last minute, but my trainers have helped me to overcome the bad habit and hand them in when they are due, and even days before they are due.

“I would also expect myself to be great at something the first time, and I would be hard on myself if I wasn’t. Training at Elite has helped me to realise that I am not going to be perfect at everything on the first try, and it takes patience and practice to become better.”

The confidence Tayla has built during her time at Elite has fueled her ambition, with her sights set on owning her own business one day.

“I plan to complete my internship at Waters on Victoria and work in the industry for a while. I then plan to find work somewhere that specialises in nail work before opening my own nail salon!”

She encourages anyone interested in beauty therapy to study at Elite.

“Elite will help you to understand which beauty treatments you are more interested in, as well as expand your knowledge on so many treatments.

“You will thoroughly enjoy yourself, and make lifelong friends along the way who have the same interests as you.”